Universal Process Indicator

Process indicator available with various feature and sizes. Digital indicator with single universal input and up to 3 outputs, 5 digit configurable display. Green or red color LED and RS485 communication. DIN Rail or Panel mount type.

  • Configurable display
  • Universal input type
  • DC or AC power supply
  • Analog re-transmission

Panel Meters

Digital or analog panel meters comes with add or change capabilities with plug and play, field install able cards. Display, count, rate, time, voltage, current process, strain gauge and temperature input type. Front panel IP 65 protection.

  • Wide range of model & sizes
  • Customization Product
  • Up to 8 digit display
  • Plug and play cards
  • Re-transmission output

Visual Management

ProducTVity Station lets you create your own sophisticated production scoreboard using standard, consumer-grade LCD, LED or plasma TVs. Built-in communications drivers and protocol conversion let you interface to most PLCs, drives etc.

  • Powerful programming capability
  • Calculate advanced KPI
  • Built in symbol library
  • Easily duplicate information

PID Controller

PID and Profile Controller

PID or Profile controller available with various sizes and types. Universal programmable input types, up to 3 configurable alarm and digit output and 4 digit display. Panel mount and DIN rail mount type controller.

  • Magnetic operation
  • RS485 Communication
  • Dual display green or red
  • IP 65 front panel protection

Multi Loop/Multi function Controller

Multi loop controller with 3 installation modes: compact, split, remote. Specific “function block” library dedicated to graphic pages, Process data logger by means of web server connectivity. Additional expandable modules.

  • Pre-programmed HMI
  • PID with auto tuning
  • Dimensions 83 x 159 x 28 mm DIN type
  • Customized logic functions
  • Touch screen front panel
  • Serial connectivity and USB port

Process Controller

Process controller features including universal inputs 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN models, as well as one of the largest dual line displays in the industry. On demand auto tuning, two control outputs for reverse or direct application and easy setup with software.

  • Ramp/shock capability
  • Two analog input/output
  • Dual relay alarm
  • Full PID control

RetroPAK Multiloop Controller

RetroPAK Multiloop controller is easily replaceable with ABB / Siemens / Moore Controller without Panel Modification. This versatile family of compact, flexible, modular units has been accepted, used and proven in hundreds of applications around the world.

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Engineer
  • Flexible I/O
  • Flexible Communication
  • Reliability. Guaranteed

Industrial Controller

Batch Controller

Dual loop controller suitable for industrial batch and heat treatment ovens. 16 programs and 256 segment programmer, up to 4 configurable alarm, auto tunning with natural frequency. Multi function on/off, PID, auto/man station and other functions.

  • Universal process input
  • 3 digital input
  • Serial communication
  • Four display section

DIN Rail Controller

DIN rail mount controller with futures of common bus for power supply and serial communication. Totally withdraw-able, easy replacement without switching of the power supply. Used for multi-loop data acquisition and process control.

  • Timer and Startup function
  • Automatic tuning
  • Optional startup and timer
  • Compact dimension

Thermostat / Refrigeration Controller

Digital thermostat refrigeration controller with 3 input and up to 3 relay outputs. Defrosting function, mechanical keyboard. Front panel IP 65 protection with suitable operating temperature. Standard model available for refrigeration application.

  • Panel, DIN Rail and wall mount type
  • NTC or PTC input types
  • Energy saving function
  • Programmable output