NDIR Analyzer

Infrared Gas Analyzer

Simultaneous and continuous measurement of up to 5 components among NO, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4, and O2 in incinerators or boilers. Substantial functions, including automatic calibration, communications, and alarms

  • Compact design
  • Long-term superior stability
  • Easy-to-see LCD
  • Hardly affected by moisture interference

Gas Analyzer

Single or Double Beam Gas Analyzer 

Non-dispersive infrared single beam or double beam type sensor, simultaneous and continuous measurement of up to 5 components among NO, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4, and O2, built-in paramagnetic sensor or external zirconia sensor.

  • Compact light weight
  • Easy to see LCD and Less response time
  • Long term stability for a wide range of concentration
  • Versatile functionality

Flue Gas Analyzer System

Continuous monitoring of 7 components NOx, SO 2, CO, CO 2, O 2, HCl, and dust, Non-dispersive doublke beam infrared sensor, Zirconia sensor for O 2 measurement Maintenance-free HCl measurement.

  • Ideal for environmental monitoring
  • Space-saving design
  • Less electrical work
  • Energy saving
  • Backlit LCD

Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

Non-contact detector with long-term superior stability, Highly sensitive mass flow sensor enables low concentration measurement, Long-life detector with no moving parts, Process Control and Environment monitoring application

  • Fast response within 2 seconds
  • Communication RS 485
  • Rack or Panel Mount
  • Interference compensation

Corrosion Analyzer

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

In-situ oxygen analysis requires no gas sampling device, Ideal for combustion control in industrial boilers and furnaces, Easily replaceable zirconia element, Operation available without opening the cover

  • Easily replaceable zirconia element
  • Fast response
  • IP66 or IP67 enclosure
  • Safe design

Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

The analyzer continuously measures the concentration of gases such H2, He, and Ar with high stability. Optional interference compensation, concentration alarm, range switching by key of the front panel.

  • Easy to see LCD
  • Compact panel mount design
  • 4 Digit LCD display with back light
  • Optional automatic calibration

Online Corrosion ER/LPR

Comprehensive range of electrical (ER) and linear polarization resistance (LPR) measuring probes. Used for measuring corrosion in process applications, refining & processing, chemical production, water treatment & distribution and industrial applications

  • ER probes available in a wide variety of configurations
  • LPR probe available in either 2 or 3 electrode
  •  Wide range of probe available

Gas Detector

CEION High Precision Corrosion

Combining resolution and lifespan within one probe eliminating the traditional trade off with ER technology. Configurable technology allowing the measurement of both erosion and corrosion from one technology platform

  • High resolution
  • Real-time metal loss measurement
  • Built in calibration and temperature compensation
  • Data output in engineering units

Corrosion Monitoring Ultrasonic

The corrosion-erosion monitor consists of a head unit and up to 32 smaller transducers. Acoustic signals are converted to digital signals and transfer it to safe area. Equipment which converts signals to indicate remaining wall thickness.

  • Retrofit installable
  • large coverage area
  • Accurate/high resolution
  • Possibility for tomography
  • Real time
  • Non intrusive

Wireless Gas Detector

WirelessHART gas detector’s flexible monitoring of toxic or combustible gas can save lives. Its ultra-long battery life saves maintenance trips. Its easy pushbutton calibration; mount-anywhere mobility; and seamless, plug-and-play interoperability save time and trouble.

  • Wireless capability
  • Field interchangeable sensors
  • Easy calibration and operation
  • 5+ year battery life