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Discover Our Solutions As Per Your Requirement

ADVANCETECH has been delivering innovative solutions to customers for over 25 years with the aim to provide quality service, state-of-the-art products and solutions.
Broad Range of Quality Products and Technology Under Radiation & Research
Germanium detectors are semiconductor diodes having a p-i-n structure in which the intrinsic (i) region is sensitive to ionizing radiation, particularly x rays and gamma rays.
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The Alpha Analyst system along with Apex-Alpha™ software is the complete solution for both routine and non-routine alpha spectroscopy applications.
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Silicon Lithium X-Ray Detectors are the heart of solid state x-ray spectroscopy systems. 2-5 mm thick detectors providing better stopping power for high-energy X-rays compared to SDD’s
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The RAM GENE-1 is equipped with a recessed, internal GM pancake detector using a thin mica window protected by a stainless steel screen.
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RAD7 is a truly versatile radon and thoron detector used by research scientists and professionals worldwide.
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Use advanced patented architectures and computer-controlled noise reduction to address applications from space exploration and materials research to industrial metal sorting and public safety.
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Broad Range of Quality Products and Technology under Industrial Automation
Designed to monitor the average wall thickness of pipes, containers and any large object that requires corrosion/erosion monitoring.
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Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers make use of the heat conductivity of fluids – both gases and liquids – to determine mass flow.
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GENESIS64™ is an advanced 64-bit multi-core, multi-processor HMI/SCADA solution suite designed for Microsoft operating systems.
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Provides instant I/O connectivity for solving a vast number of point-to-point I/O and stranded asset monitoring and control challenges.
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Insertion type. No need for gas sampling device. Measures O2 in incombustible gas.
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Ideal for harsh environments, for connecting to SCADA, PLCs, remote I/O & other automation equipment.
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Broad Range of Quality Products and Technology under Rugged Embedded
Our offering supports four distinct marketplaces: defense, air traffic control, marine and industrial sectors with a full complement of solutions from PCs, servers, displays and peripherals for the rugged world.
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3U cPCI, 3U VPX and 6U VME, rugged Single Board Computers (SBCs) specifically designed for harsh, SWaP-constrained environments in a range of demanding, embedded computing applications.
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Ideal Aerosmith position and rate table systems provide angular position, rate and acceleration motions for development and production testing of inertial components and systems.
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The USB 1553 family of pocket-sized USB adapters enable computers to communicate with, simulate, test, and monitor MIL-STD-1553 equipment and systems.
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Corelis’ ScanExpress boundary-scan systems are used for structural testing as well as JTAG functional emulation test and in-system programming of Flash memories, CPLDs, and FPGAs
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Broad Range of Quality Education Equipments Under Engineering Labs