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RAM GENE-1 Meter

Key Features:

The RAM GENE-1 mark II, designed for work in extreme conditions, features a ruggedized casing and backlight.
This versatile instrument is a combined dose rate and contamination meter designed to be used with one hand.
Now available with external power plug which can also be used to charge compatible batteries
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Detector:1.75″ Pancake GM tube – LND73118 or equivalent
Count Range:0 – 42,000 cps
Measuring Range:0.05 µSv/hr to 7 mSv/hr (5 µR/hr to 700 mR/hr)
Sensitivity:Approximately 5.8 cps/µSv/hr (58 cps/mR/hr) – 137Cs


The RAM ION is ideal for use in nuclear power plants, nuclear medicine, radiography and radiotherapy facilities, life science laboratories, nuclear research centers and in other industrial applications.

Survey meter

Survey meters in radiation protection are hand-held ionising radiation measurement instruments used to check such as personnel, equipment and the environment for radioactive contamination and ambient radiation.

TelePole Meter

The TelePole II is a wide range Telescopic Survey Meter with a dose rate range of between 0.1 uSv/h to 10 Sv/h (0.01 mR/h to 1000 R/h) capable of supporting a wide variety of external detectors.

Electronic Personal Dosimeter

Radiation Measured areGamma (X) rays with Detector as Silicon semiconductor


The MiniRad-DX is an advanced PRD, a handheld security and inspection device, that detects emissions from radioactive material.

PDS-100 Series

The PDS-100 series are the most ultimate evolution of the gamma and/or gamma/neutron radiation detectors offering embedded spectrum acquisition and identification.


The PDS-GO is a lightweight, small, sensitive PRD, designed to meet the ANSI N42.32 & 42.33 radiation detection requirements.