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RAD7 Radon Detector

Real-time Continuous Radon Monitor with Spectral Analysis

Key Features:

RAD7 is a truly versatile radon and thoron detector used by research scientists and professionals worldwide.
Fastest response and recovery times of any electronic monitor/sniffer on the market.
Measures EPA action level of 4 pCi/L in under two hours.
Recovers from radon highs in minutes – not hours.
Spectrum printout verifies correct operation of instrument in field.
All-in-one complete, compact, portable unit in rugged carrying case.
The instrument directs you step by step, so you can do what you want to do.
Programmed set-ups for often-used tests.
Audible radon and thoron counts lets you hear the hot spots.
Tamper-proof key-lock command secures your RAD7 and assures uninterrupted testing.
Easily portable: The RAD7 weighs 9.6 pounds (4.35 kg).
Displays, prints, and downloads radon data in your choice of units.
Immunity to build-up of 210pb.
Includes wireless printer and infrared data link for on-the-spot printouts.
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Its mature and yet still state-of-the-art design match or exceed those of the most expensive radon measurement devices in the world. At the same time, it incorporates a number of exclusive features that are found in no other radon detector, regardless of price. Incredibly, the RAD7 is affordable.

The RAD7 is a sophisticated measuring instrument widely used in laboratories and research work around the globe. It is used by professional radon testers, mitigators and home inspectors, as well as by research scientists studying groundwater, mines, deserts, the ocean and volcanoes at extreme temperature. A rugged carrying case encloses the instrument, ensuring reliability in the field.

The RAD7 is the easiest electronic radon detector to use, with preprogrammed setups for common tasks. The instrument comes complete with a built-in air pump, rechargeable batteries, and a detachable wireless printer. The RAD7 can store large amounts of radon data for later printing and/or for graphing and analysis on a computer using DURRIDGE’s powerful and free CAPTURE software.

The RAD7 is a Sniffer that detects the 3-minute alpha decay of a radon daughter, without interference from other radiations. It also detects the instantaneous alpha decay of a thoron daughter for rapid thoron measurements. The instrument can sniff for entry points and radon gushers, and it recovers from high radon exposures in minutes. The RAD7 is also a Continuous Radon Monitor which can measure the EPA action level of 4 pCi/L, with 10% standard deviation, in under two hours. At the end of each run, the detector prints out a complete report.

The included accessories are sufficient for the measurement of radon and thoron in air. Additional, optional accessories are available for the measurement of radon in soil gas and water, for the measurement of the emission of radon from surfaces, objects and bulk materials, and for other specialized applications

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