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Corelis Interface: February 2015 Quarterly Newsletter
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Welcome to the summer 2015 edition of the Corelis Interface newsletter. ScanExpress Software version 8.2 has been released and is currently available to all customers with current maintenance contracts. ScanExpress Viewer now supports ODB++ input and trace highlighting. ScanExpress TPG has a new memory model search and selection interface, and we've added support for x8 e.MMC components across the boundary-scan tool suite. Finally, on the ScanExpress JET side of things we have support for new CPUs and improved device auto-detection.

We've also been busy improving our website content with new JTAG applications and industry pages to help get the word out about the benefits and applications of JTAG testing. Our tutorials have been updated and revised with information about recent developments in JTAG, and we've reorganized and updated our website to make it easier to find the information you need. If you're looking for more hands on training, sign up for one of our monthly free training classes at our headquarters in Cerritos, California!

ScanExpress Software 8.2

ScanExpress Software 8.2 is available to customers with a current maintenance contract. Major enhancements include ODB++ & support for ScanExpress Viewer, improved device autodetection in ScanExpress JET, and a new search interface for memory models in ScanExpress TPG.

ScanExpress Viewer ODB++ & Trace

Viewer Symbol

ScanExpress Viewer can now take advantage of ODB++ format input files to display CAD data overlayed on a photograph and highlight specific devices, pins, and traces. Traces connected to pins identified in ScanExpress Runner ADO fault logs are automatically highlighted for quick visualization of possible fault sources.

e.MMC Programming and Bus Test

Flash Symbol

ScanExpress applications with in-system-programming features have been updated with support for erase, program, verify, and bus test features with 8-channel e.MMC configurations.

ScanExpress JET Device Auto-Detect & New CPUs

JET Symbol

ScanExpress JET device auto-detection has been improved and expanded to support additional peripherals, including I2C and UART devices. Automatic detection speeds up test development when a known-good-board is available. We've also added CPU support for Mobileye EyeQ3, Nvidia Tegra-K1, and Altera Cyclone V SoC.

For a complete list of improvements or to inquire about a maintenance package, please contact the Corelis sales team at (562) 926-6727 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

JTAG Tutorial Updates

We've updated our tutorial pages with new, updated and expanded information. Check them out!

What is JTAG?

Interconnect Test

Since its introduction as an industry standard in 1990, JTAG has continuously grown in adoption, popularity, and usefulness—even today, new revisions and supplements to the IEEE Std.-1149.1 standard are being developed and implemented.

Read the JTAG Tutorial

JTAG Technical Primer

This technical primer provides a brief overview of JTAG devices—basic chip architecture, essential capabilities, and common system configurations. The basic properties of the boundary-scan description language (BSDL) are also covered.

Read the JTAG Technical Primer

Buswire Test

JTAG Test Overview

Scan Chain

While originally developed to address the needs of testing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) interconnects, JTAG test methods can be used to address many needs beyond simple structural test. This overview will briefly examine popular types of JTAG tests and applications.

Read the JTAG Test Overview

Looking for more JTAG information? Visit the education pages.

Serial Bus Analyzers and Exercisers

Designing or testing products with I2C or SPI serial bus interfaces? Corelis' CAS-1000-I2C/E , BusPro-I , & BusPro-S offer analysis, test, and programming, and debug features for the popular SPI and I2C serial bus protocols.




Powerful I2C Bus Analyzer & Exerciser

Value I2C Bus Analyzer & Exerciser

Versatile Quad SPI Host Adapter

CAS-1000-I2C/E BusPro-I BusPro-S

For product information, visit the Corelis Bus Analyzers product pages, or buy now from the Corelis online store.

Corelis Website Updates

We've reorganized our website and simplified our menus to make finding information even easier. The new application and industry pages to help identify which Corelis solutions are best suited to your organization's requirements; each segment includes links to additional information relevant to the application or industry.

Application Page Banner

Visit the JTAG Applications pages.

Visit the JTAG Industries pages.

Latest ScanExpress Software Versions

Not sure if you're using the latest ScanExpress software? The latest product versions are listed in the table below.



ScanExpress Debugger


ScanExpress DFT Analyzer


ScanExpress Flash Generator


ScanExpress JET


ScanExpress Merge


ScanExpress Programmer


ScanExpress Runner


ScanExpress Runner Gang Edition


ScanExpress TPG


Visit the Corelis download site for the latest software (maintenance contract required).


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Free Training                 Free Training

Corelis offers FREE monthly Training Classes for customers or anyone else that is interested in learning about boundary-scan and our products.

View the current training class schedule.








Product Discussion Forum Forum

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Free DFT Analysis              Free DFT

Corelis is offering first time users a FREE, step-by-step boundary-scan Design For Testability (DFT) analysis of your design.

Sign up for a FREE DFT Analysis.








Corelis Tip                            Corelis Tip

ScanExpress Runner version 6.17 includes functions to quickly navigate the truth table diagnostics display.

Visit the ScanExpress software web page.
(Maintenance contract required)








Product Updates                 Updates

The latest ScanExpress programs include a Help > Check for Updates command to automatically check for available software updates on the web.

Visit the Corelis download site to obtain the latest updates.
(Maintenance contract required)



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