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Sensors and Transmitter

For highly precise and accurate measurement of pressure, differential pressure, and flow rate

Fuji Electric has long delivered electronic transmitters, incorporating the micro-capacitance silicon sensor, to our customers worldwide.
The FCX-AIII series transmitters feature compact design, high accuracy and performance, long-term stability. They also offer wide measuring ranges and provide a variety of diaphragm materials.

Validyne pressure sensors and pressure transmitters have been used in the aerospace & military industries for over 45 years. The small and rugged pressure transducers have been used extensively in flight testing for air flow measurements inside passenger cabins. Very accurate temperature compensation from -65F to 250F is ideal for high altitude testing. The shock and vibration resistance allows the use of our pressure transducers in rocket test stands, military vehicles and in space.

A complete range of transmitters for relative humidity with additional temperature sensor from Ascon Technologies. The capacitive sensors used in these transmitters have as main feature the stability in the time and the perfect integration of the temperature compensator.

Featured Solutions

Pressure Transmitters and Differential Pressure Transmitters

Long-term stable measurement of pressure or differential pressure (flow rate)

Test Grade Pressure Transmitters

The Validyne Model DP360 and DP363 are designed to measure small differential pressures at extremely high static line pressures or extremely high gage or differential pressure.

Aerospace Grade Pressure Transmitters

he Validyne model P368 is a digital differential pressure transmitter designed for high line pressures and industrial pressure measurement applications.

Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Passive relative humidity (current loop) and an NTC temperature probe. The output signals are normalized in current at 4-20 mA (% RH) and NTC (temperature).


Our shaft encoder offering includes both flange mount and servo mount style sensors.

Pressure Indicators

Unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer simple plug-and-play functionality with reliable performance.


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