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In-Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer for Hazardous Location

Key Features:

Fast response + no sampling involved — ideal for combustion management in boilers or furnaces
Use of flow guide tube — low maintenance
Flameproof design — ideal for oxygen analysis in hazardous areas, for example, petrochemical plants
Easily replaceable zirconia element
Fast response: 4 s to 7 s
Operation available without opening the cover
TIIS and NEPSI flameproof certified
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Target:O2 in incombustible gas
Principle:Direct insertion zirconia sensor
Range:0 to 2…50 vol% (user configurable two ranges)(in 1 vol% steps)
Repeatability:≤ ±0.5% FS
Linearity:≤ ±2% FS
Response time:4–7 s for 90% response (from calibration gas inlet)
Warm-up time:Approx. 30 min(20 min when using ejector)
Analog output:4–20 mA DC (allowable load resistance ≤ 500Ω) or 0–1 V DC (output resistance ≥ 100Ω)
Power supply:Rated voltage, 100–120 V AC (operating voltage: 90–132 V AC),200–240 V AC (operating voltage: 190–264 V AC), Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:Max. 240 VA, Normal 70 VA

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