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Corrosion Monitoring and Asset Analytics

Corrosion Monitoring System

Corrosion in process industries is becoming bigger issue day by day and is also the most common cause of asset failure / forced shutdown in plants. Failure of a pipeline or vessel can be dangerous & costly and have severe environmental consequences. A typical mode of asset failure is wall thinning to a critical thickness due to erosion or internal & external corrosion. Corrosion monitoring is a process that monitors the life of assets, process units and facilities for sign of corrosion. For reliable operation it is important to identify corrosion and its rate to extend the life and serviceability of asset which helps reducing replacement cost.

Intrusive type corrosion monitoring system

Intrusive corrosion/ erosion monitoring is the direct measurement of metal loss in process stream using probes and coupons in industries like oil&gas, petrochemical, water, chemical, pharmaceuticals etc which is supplied with NACE certified material.
Intrusive type corrosion monitoring has two type of measurement technology:
Online corrosion monitoring- includes probe, transmitter, software for real time corrosion rate monitoring.
Offline corrosion monitoring- Includes probes and battery powered loggers which stores corrosion data up to 6 months.

Remote Non-Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring System

Take advantage of a remarkably cost-effective, modular and robust solution for remote, non-intrusive monitoring of ID corrosion and erosion using the latest solid-state electronics, wireless or wired technologies, cloud based software and innovative ultrasonic transducer designs.
The most known technique to monitor thickness is Ultrasonic. The instrument is calibrated on two thickness as reference in order to get the material sound velocity, and the thickness is calculated by the time of flight, that means the time the ultrasonic wave takes to run the pipe wall. The measurement can be taken in service, and, depending on the transducer and equipment, it is possible to measure pipes with high temperature surfaces. It’s also possible to measure over coating


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